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To conquer all you have to know where to come and what to see

February 13, 2017
Diabo Verde - Veni, Vidi, Vici!

Living energetic drive comes from Diabo Verde - Veni, Vidi, Vici! , supports and sates our aspirations and desires!
Intro starts the album pumping anxious expectations by the strung phrases. Escravo Da Liberdade bears to drive anticipation, lively and relaxed as well.
Circling in a whirlwind of furious and insistent riffs, Senhor Do Destino rhythmically accompanying emotional vocal phrases.
Smoothes sharp jerks high speed, Recompensa tells the story at average pace - bringing living drive by its energy.
The dancing rhythm spinning O Mal Nao Pode Triunfar tune, carrying the spirit of liberty through interference pesky habits.
Flies in fast sharp sudden rushes, Nada E Impossivel De Mudar carries an energetic drive, embodied in the crowd screams in the chorus.
Aloof motif of O Prisioneiro brings anxiety, nervousness, adding gloomy spirit that warning about unexpected alarms to the vocal passages.
Velhos Habitos Nocivos takes place in the discussions and debates, crowd of surrounding voices keeps disagreement with vocalist words. Persistently and driving adjusts - Golpe Baixo unacceptable in a fair fight, sneaky punches always vile and disgusting!
A Missao persistently and exciting bears with honor so bright banner of the necessary activities to gain all the fame, alleging - that no one can't break us, do not accuse for something, can't defeat us in no way - Ninguem Vai Nos Derrotar! Forever and ever!