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January 09, 2020
The Hardkiss -  Залiзна ластiвка

The bewitching welcome of charming phrases Привіт of the singing lady opens the gates of the The Hardkiss -Залiзна ластiвка album, continuing the musical narration with the soft and sensual Журавлі romance. Continuing the love romance, vocal phrases of the Коханці song are full of emotional experiences.
Changing the style of sounding to the Forever More futuristic transformation of romantic tunes, music sparkles with its originality, the vocal part uses English-language lyrics, deepening the tonality of the sound. Free Me continues the English-language fragment of the album, transforming vocal phrases into a whirlwind of sensual excitement.
Again returning to the band's native language, Серце envelops with bewitching omens. Further, Море vocals confession is the introduction of the Кораблі composition, which has become a very successful fragment of the group’s creativity and successfully implemented in the great video. Somewhat transforming the sound of Де ти є returns in the 80s, however, realizing this style in a captivating sound. Keeping this style, Does It Feel again changes the language of lyrics, enveloping vocal tunes with shades of anxiety.
Changing the language of the lyrics again Хто, як не ти captures a fascinating dance. 00:00 brings the vocal narrative in romantic twilight to the forefront of a soft and brooding romance. Keeping a romantic mood Мелодія weaves vocal phrases with a keyboard symphony in a charming dance.
Further, the Андромеда vocal narrative by the recitative turns to the stars, developing space themes into the sound of the Астронавт composition. Fierce sounding by the severe pulsation of industrial drive vocals brings some shades of jazz sound to the Complicity composition. Бувай concludes the album with a vocals farewell.