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To assess the possibilities it is necessary to find out the firepower

May 29, 2018
To assess the possibilities it is necessary to find out the firepower

Reflecting in verses with the backdrop of so energetic drive, the title track begins the Judas Priest - Firepower album with a marvelous combination of drive and melody, returning the legendary band to thirty years ago - when their artwork inspires the legion of fans.
Pulsating march brings the shades of rebellious combat spirit, bringing to Lightning Strike music the atmosphere of unforgettable band's hits, supplementing the melodic passages with the chorus vocals phrases.
Unclear fog in verses fascinates in an obscure musical image, but rage and despair are raising statement Evil Never Dies in the chorus again and again, leaving no chances to resist this phenomenon.
Combining mid-tempo reflections and an epic ballad, Never The Heroes restrains valiant impulses, thoughtfully twisted around the main motive.
The dark enchantments envelop the introduction with a dusky fog, mysteriously developing the main motif in the verses and bringing it into a fusion with black magic in the chorus, paying tribute to the Necromancer's magic, admiring his sorcery and irresistible charms.
The dark fog of a leisurely musical saga expands the stylistic framework of the album, combining power and melody in a viscous fairy tale, confidently marching into Children Of The Sun dense sound.
So gentle and tender respite in the instrumental symphony Guardians precedes the following composition Rising From Ruins, pierced by disturbing waves of trembling anxiety. But the romantic ballad restrains these emotions, enveloping the enchanting tranquility in the verses and raising an exciting melody in the choruses, combining epic majesty and melodic charm.
Dropping all sorts of newfangled tendencies the ever-young spirit of rock'n'roll takes its toll, combining several genres very successfully and thrillingly in Flame Thrower song!
Fairy spirits and ghosts summon their master, enveloping the mysterious motives of the vocal tales, making Spectre perhaps the most spectacular and memorable composition of the album, which impresses with its majestic charm. Traitors Gate as if developing the motifs laid down in the previous composition, mysteriously and thoughtfully entangling a dreamy introduction, then rolling in confident waves of twilight drive along with heroic vocal phrases full of heroism.
Do not retreat and do not give up calling No Surrender song, concentrating in his music valor and courage, lifting melodious dreams in instrumental solos.
The wave of romantic meditations in ballads completes the album - at Lone Wolf tightly and powerfully, sometimes accelerating to an average tempo and anatomic confident waves of drive. But rejecting any importance and furious restlessness Sea Of Red completes the album with an incredibly romantic atmosphere, regretting the lost opportunities.