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Time will never return

October 02, 2020
Inventure - No Time To Waste

Whipping up an intriguing anticipation, foggy monologues are combined with flowery guitar notes, then the vocal part comes to the forefront of the Inventure - No Time To Waste title track's musical image, capturing viscous guitar riffs after their phrases. Maintaining the medium tempo of the storytelling, the Renaissance song progressively and artistically combines screaming, harsh and growling in the vocals in an epic atmosphere of musical passages. But then dreamy invocations of pure vocals complete the musical picture of the composition. Even more complicated and mysteriously developing vocal combinations and progressive musical fracture the Superficial mesmerizes with such enigma. Beginning with a romantic ballad, the Bad Ideas explodes into a whirlwind of furious drive, but then combines the slowness of the ballad with vocal fury, sometimes transforming into mid-tempo pulsations of a battle march and raising the solemn banners of enchanting romance.
The Lapse instrumental romance seems to cast aside the experience with its enchanting guitar solo and wordless vocal chorales. The symphonic introduction continues this romantic atmosphere, but the harsh pulsations of the rhythm section bring in disturbing omens, then blending into a majestic fusion of modern musical trends and symphonic influences. But then furious vocal screaming and a whirlwind of drive complement the incredibly versatile character of the Rift composition. Electronic impulses of the invoked keyboard passages bring a certain atmosphere of dreaminess, anticipating the progressive unity of the Human Construct musical, vocals combinations and transformations.
Mysterious obscurity and electronic echoes of the Dim incomprehensible impulses anticipate the development of the final compositions of the album, first with the Ghost vocals fury calling for attention, then with the Time's Up. unrestrained drive of a furious musical thriller calling for attention, preferring the pulsing power of music and sonority of vocals to rapid musical races.