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Time is running without delays and hesitation

April 04, 2021
Arkhasis - Tempus Fugit

The persistent and rapid sound of the Lockdown song's intro is pumping the vortex of harsh rebellion, topped with inspiration of thoughtful vocal phrases. Instrumental bridges bring again vortex rapid drive. The guitar solo of the instrumental part complements the musical composition with shades of romance. The Renaissance track is changing lyric from english to french, continuing the Arkhasis - Tempus Fugit album more romantic and elevated musical passages. But the sound of the journey of the Desillusion composition is storming the waves of a perturbed drive, creating an anxiety atmosphere and anticipation of future changes, but returning to romantic reflections of the vocal party.
The title track Tempus Fugit transfers to the expanses of epic fairy tales, entitled to the complication of the musical narration in the lace of echoes of bardic sagas. The Game again indicates the path of the drive rebellion sound, but makes it in this musical stream with the notes of the charming melodism and fascinating vocal mystery. The Burn Out song fascinates with so incredible romatic ballad melodism.
Acoustic guitar solo sets the melodism of a romantic symphony, but then the sound of the Gardien des secrets: L'apprenti, Pt. 2 composition is transformed into an epichny saga, sometimes accelerating the melody and returning to the mid-tempo battle march.
Furious and exciting the 2012: La fin des temps fascinates in the vortex of the unity of music and vocal, at first holding back in a medium-point intrigue, concluded by a charming guitar solo and a vocal party, shading music by the vocal's top and background of musical image. The funeral march completes this track. The Auctioned song envelops with the atmosphere regretful ballads, weaving in waltz music and vocals The Question of Heaven completes the album an acoustic romance, augmented vocal sensuality and sparkling musical inspiration.