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Time is not powerful over the ancient symbols of eternity

April 19, 2021
Semper Acerbus - Ouroboros

The title composition begins the Semper Acerbus - Ouroboros album's musical narration with the vocals synthesis, supplemented in the chorus with bright guitar solo. The Shaped By Pain song entwines vortex of a violent drive, speeding up the music of the verses in a rapid drive, alternating in the musical composition angry harsh with romantic phrases of clean vocals.
Music and vocals are woven in a viscous canvas of the Through The Glass mid-tempo march, music passes in an embrace with clean vocals complement the composition with a shades of romantic artistry. In the Resilience (Feat, M Leal) musical composition, the participation of the invited artist, transforming sound in a kind of manner and stylistic shades, is clearly noticeable.
Romantic music of the Unscathed instrumental symphony creates an atmosphere of thoughtful charm, serving an entry into the fierce drive of the Eyes Of V medium-level musical thriller. The Daymare complicates musical passes in rhythmic lace of progressive combinations, then driven steps of a rhythmic march and sometimes blowing up with the vortices of the rapid drive.
The lace of the Time To Change musical melody wraps the violent anger of vocal frenzy with the covers of romantic ballad. Entry envelops the Treachery song with an atmosphere of mysteriousness, through which, the vocal party is marching in thoughtful bewilderment, supplemented by echoes of fairy tales in instrumental bridges. The Fleshwound (Side B Version) completes the album album of mysterious frenzy of verses and solemn inspiration into the sound of the chorus.