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Time bears no fuss

May 20, 2021
Amadeus (ROU) - 24 de ore

The Sunrise violin solo with the enchanting romance of the musical background creates wistful echoes of the memories of sensory experiences. The Wake up soldier continues the Amadeus (ROU) - 24 de ore album with the interpretation of soldiers' songs, combining them with musical motives of popular music. Musical tunes bring the atmosphere of Mediterranean music, then accentuating the influence of Jewish motives in the Music class musical image. But then the sound of the composition is complemented by fragments of classical music in the perception of unity with modern music.
Classical music inspired by melodic romanticism is combined with the inspired vocal tunes of the Love in Sicilia song. Music and vocals are combined in a single musical stream of a leisurely procession of a romantic ballad. The train to Moscow brings to the album fragments of the unity of instrumental vortices with motives of Russian folklore. The Remember 85 begins with romantic inspiration from an acoustic guitar solo, followed by orchestral backing and backing symphonic inspiration.
The vocal part returns to the foreground of the Blue eyes song's musical image, complemented by rhythmic pulsations and melodies of violin solos. The Patricia in lovetrack's dance rhythms crowned with inspirational passages of classical music form a unity of such contrasting genres. Vocal phrases inspire musical passages to follow the Bailando con migo romantic path of sensual romance. The Victory track sums up the final sound of the album, inspiring the further development of musical tastes.