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Time and space are pierced through

May 10, 2019
 Dream Theater - Distance Over Time (Digipak Limited Edition)

Pensive romance creates intriguing ghosts of a mysterious haze in the Untethered Angel intro, then the music intertwines in a charming drive of progressive sparks and creates a union of gloomy romance and mysterious mystery, anticipating the further development of the Dream Theater - Distance Over Time (Digipak Limited Edition) album.
The dense, pulsating essence of the harsh march in entry is transformed by emotional reflections that bring up the title of Paralyzed composition to the highest point of the perceptions. In the instrumental part, the guitar solo is fascinating with sensual experiences. Fall into the Light combines incredible variability - even if it was published as a separate single, it would be incredibly fascinating. At the same time, the main motive is manifested in various ways in various interpretations, proudly carrying the banner of a leitmotif.
And again, the Barstool Warrior main motive is transformed into an axis around which whirlwinds of fascinating playfulness soar, combining medieval epic with Broadway playfulness. The pulsating march with a bluesy tone sets the basis for the development of the Room 137 main motive, which then revolts with enchanting delights of progressive musical passages. S2N, based on the lyrics, continues the previous composition, complementing the sound of the album with more romantic shades and thoughtful experiences. The whirlwind of the guitar passages of the At Wit's End intro envelops the listener with an exciting cycle of musical delights. But then the vocal part weaves a fascinating lace of an enchanting ballad, but the whirlwind of guitar passages returns again and again to the instrumental bridges. As if continuing the previous track, the Out of Reach intro envelops with some whirlwind of disturbing experiences, vocals recreates the atmosphere of anxiety and fear, creating an atmosphere of disturbing haze enveloping with anticipation of fear, but the guitar riffs in instrumental bridges fascinate and fascinate with encouraging trends, anticipating vocal chants.
Continuing the union of anxiety and inspiration, Pale Blue Dot completes the album by combining some notes of alarming foreboding and epic majesty of incomparable inspiration. However, such a wonderful album is not complete without a bonus - Viper King (Bonus) returns to the rebellious essence of true rock'n'roll.