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Through the veins of life the blood of time flows as moments

September 15, 2017
Eternal Black - Bleed the Days

Viscous, gloomy The Lost, the Forgotten, and the Undying motifs have shrouded in frightening gloom, in the twilight and fog the starting Eternal Black - Bleed the Days album with rhythmic and hard blows.
The dusk becomes less dense then in previous song, but Snake Oil and Coffin Nails fog, though not so viscous and dense, is still impenetrable. ocals become sterner and harsher, music from time to time upraises in bursts of activity, but not particularly detached from the main motive.
The Sea of Graves music is getting darker and gloomier, the vocals preserve austerity, slowly and confidently telling its story. What to do - fun in the cemetery, shrouded in vague echoes sobbing, inaudible cry restless souls and other mystical horror very, very unexpected!
The thoughtful soft instrumental composition Into Nothing, envelops with the obscure echo of distant desires, does not give answers to riddles, only charmingly and seductively asks more and more.
Dusky clouds of myst, imperceptible ghosts and enigmatic enchantments are hovering around the Stained Eyes on a Setting Sun main motive, draping a gloomy and impenetrable tunnel around the leitmotif, spiraling away thoughts into the abyss of hopelessness and sadness.
The title track Bleed the Days persistently and for a long time concentrates the impenetrable fog in the introduction, then music stirring a bit, confidently paces along the chosen path. The vocals unleashes shambling twilight for a while, but comes back again and again.
The noise of the surf, the cries of the seagulls is interrupted by a thoughtful, song-centered composition All Gods Fall. The vocals come with restrained, muffled phrases, confusing in the coastal fog. Then the music rejects the vocal influence on its leisurely but sure and irresistible procession ... to the end of the album.