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Thrash prophecy

February 17, 2016

They begins mighty and powerfull. Degradead - Degradead they are. Spits their sounds in faces of enemies, smash their brains by 1 blow.
Then begins to pace thoughtfully on the bones of defeated enemies for the music of symphonic orchestra.
Thoughtful groove they are - that album has elements of death, thrash and more and more. Take care and listen to it!

There's something - that no one can understand. Can't understand - whythis way. If you are someone of this kind - you have to listen that!
Constant Threat - Between Death And Dreams
. Instrumental thrash with oldschool-death elements - no voice, no lyrics!
You left alone with your thoughts, clear looks at your own being! There's no lyrics about someone smashed, or murder-death-kill - just your dreams. Until death!

In ancient times was war. Olimp VS manland, gods VS titans. A lot of songs about it, in different styles was. But I can't remember that in thrash!

Sworn Amongst - Under A Titan Sky. It comes only from the title - but the meaning is much deeper. The dense, crushing mind sound does not calm down during listening this album. So who wins - the Gods or the Titans? Answer - inside you and everyone has his own. Seek and find it!