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Thoughts and doubts are transformed in the night

February 12, 2020
Dark Matter (IRL) - The Sovereign Night

Thoughts and pensive variations of the instrumental extravaganza rise into the sound of Dark Matter (IRL) - The Sovereign Night album, enveloping the listener with mesmerizing shades of musical essence. . The Mechanics of Detachment begins the musical narrative with interrogative shades, dragging it into an obscure sacrament of listening.
Charming with the unity of melodism and magical charm, Oblivion Theory erects a sphere of romantic appeals, giving the listener unclear knowledge. Anamnesis makes uncertainty paramount, while preserving the mesmerizing mystery of charm in a romantic ballad. The epic echoes of ancient legends and tales are intertwined in an enchanting dance with the Hollowing progressive musical variations.
Complex variations of the Anomalous Materials rhythmic structure fascinate the listener with unclear omens, enveloping these structures with bewitching covers of melody. The pulsations of harsh rhythms elevate the grandeur of The Burning World main motive, sometimes ascended by an inspired flight to the stars. Sadness and rejection are intertwined with hopes, which are not a fact that will come true soon ... and indeed ... will succeed in captivating with Hour of Departure saddened romance. Perpetual Night completes the album, embodying the greatness and light touch of sadness, wisely and legibly walking a leisurely procession.