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This well-known story has hitherto unknown shades

June 20, 2023
Minas Morgul - Nebelung

The sound of the surf is complemented by the enchanting Beginn instrumental symphony, enveloping with the melodic charm of musical inspiration, continuing the musical story of the Minas Morgul - Nebelung album with the title track, combining whirlwinds of furious drive with enchanting echoes of folklore tunes, sometimes combining these elements in a single musical stream.
After the introduction, the unhurried musical procession is complemented by vocal phrases, combining together in the enchanting dance of the Trummer solemn anthem, emphasizing the marching rhythm of the musical tread, developing the rhythm of sound in the assertive sound of the Ritual composition, crowning rhythmic bursts with vocal phrases and sometimes progressively complicating the rhythmic pattern of musical passages, sometimes tearing them with vocals confessions.
The pensive melodic introduction sets the way for the development of the musical motifs of the Inter Stellas epic saga, rolling out the musical canvas before the further procession of the vocals narrative, combining vocals significance and musical charm in a single musical image. Preparing the development in the introduction, the Morast composition develops from these passages the covering musical covers, enveloping vocals bravery with musical twilight.
A child's voice, making its way through a distorted transmission, begins an assertive assault on the Wolfskind song, combining musical drive and vocals charisma in sound, after which the acoustic guitar bust begins the musical path of the Aufbruch composition, calling for echoes of Celtic motifs, paving a similar trend in the more thoughtful and unhurried atmosphere of the Lethargie final musical artwork, putting an end to the sound of the album with shades of tragedy and sadness.