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This war can purify our souls

June 14, 2022
Defiatory - Apokalyps

The title track begins the musical story of the Defiatory - Apokalyps album with an exciting unity of drive and melody, combining fierce vocal proclamations with the enchanting melody of guitar solos completing vocal fragments. Particular attention should be paid to the listener on the artistic inspiration of guitar solos of instrumental fragments. The Only War song rises in a whirlwind of swift, furious but melodic drive that wraps around the guitar narrative with sparkling whirlwinds of guitar riffs.
After preparing the introduction, the Belligerent And Hostile composition brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, supporting emotional vocal appeals with the pressure of musical drive. The Into The Unknown musical saga fascinates with the melodic weaving of vocals phrases with artistic designs of guitar solos, weaving the epic lace of a charming musical fairy tale.
After the hurried swiftness and unrestrainedness of the No Place To Hide musical thriller, in which the vocal part is fierce, the vocal part rises to the crests of the waves of the Knives song. Guitar riffs in the intercession denote the main motif, which is then complemented by the vocal phrases of the storyteller.
Roaring with a frantic drive, the Let Them Burn track begins the final segment of the album with a frantic musical thriller, continuing with the harsh pressure of the Assassinate composition, which develops the musical pressure with vocal rebelliousness and precedes the Counting Bones final musical saga, which concludes the album with its most diverse musical artwork, successfully and artistically summing up the musical variations of this release.