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This travel will be so long

March 20, 2022
Cult Of Luna - The Long Road North

Vague, heavy and gloomy starts the musical narration of the Cult Of Luna - The Long Road North album, but then the pulsating heartbeat of the Cold Burn song brings some echoes of epic solemnity, keeping the similar musical mood in the sound of The Silver Arc saga, alternating the vocal narration with rolling out the canvas of fascinating echoes of medieval tales and legends. The guitar solo of the instrumental section enchants with echoes of reflection and melodic enchantment.
The vocal narration of the wise and thoughtful singing lady comes to the foreground of the Beyond I tale, which anticipates the varied and long An Offering To The Wild song, charming with its artistry and unexpected musical discoveries, rising from a melodic and mysterious musical atmosphere. The Into The Night composition captivates with the enchanting unity of male and female vocals intertwining in the unity of the vocal part of the romantic musical narrative.
The Full Moonmelodic instrumental procession enchants with the mesmerizing and sparkling procession of the Full Moon, serving as an introduction to the forthcoming impressive musical canvas of The Long Road North title track, in which the mystery of the album is fully developed and envelops with vague echoes of clues and fragments of guesses about the coming adventures and trials. After a long and thoughtful introduction with notes of a dusky hymn, the vocal part brings martial persistence and militant intransigence with notes of a battle march to the musical essence of the narrative.
After a leisurely and thoughtful introduction, the Blood Upon Stone song persistently and insistently brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, setting the album's final point with the Beyond II wordless, mysterious chorales in a mystical musical atmosphere.