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This travel can last forever and ever

January 09, 2022
Devil's Trade - Those Miles We Walked Alone

The title track begins the musical fairy tale of the The Devil's Trade - Those Miles We Walked Alone album combining the romantic atmosphere created by the soft and sensual ringing of the acoustic guitars strings with the velvet tenderness of the emotional vocals experience. The I'll Be Your Dawn composition speeds up the tempo of acoustic guitar passages, bringing a whirlwind of energy and inspiration to the sound of the musical tale.
The thoughtful sound of the Dear Mother While song creates a questioning atmosphere with echoes of unforgettable sadness. But then the mesmerizing chime of the guitar strings creates a mood of reflection and doubt, giving more significance to the reflections and giving the sound of the As The Winds Change composition echoes of forgotten solutions and lost opportunities.
Changing the lyrics of the Azt Gondoltam song from English to the band's native language, the music takes on slightly more mesmerizing tones and draws a more sensitive and attentive listen to the bardic saga with a touch of sadness.
The Untitled track returns to English lyrics, bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image in a rebellious mood. But after a successful performance and a significant role in the musical narrative, the Hulljatok Levelek song returns to the Hungarian lyrics, enchanting the listener with its unusual originality of sound and preparing him to perceive and listen to the final composition of the album, Dew To The Land, which closes this collection of these charming bard tales.