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This town is residented by evil

May 10, 2023
Airways - Terrible Town

Assertive musical drive and vocal rebellion begin the musical journey of the Airways - Terrible Town album with the rolling sound of the Out of Control song, then transforming the stylistic features of this musical release with the Slow unhurried march with vocal reflections, then bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image of the As South as South Goes composition, building its musical structure on the basis of a vocal story, complemented by futuristic musical mysterious pulsations.
Capturing attention with a whirlwind of a guitar solo, the Will It Tear Us Apart main motif is combined in a rhythmic march with vocal phrases. The Best Friend enchanting ballad captivates with melodic passages and sound after stumbling with a guitar acoustic chime, continuing the melodic charm in the introduction, then rolling in waves of guitar riffs, ending with the title of the Me and My Brain composition.
Immediately announcing the name of the Rust song, the vocal story dominates the sound, stubbornly and confidently walking along the musical path, wrapping its tread with bright musical passages. Entering with a futuristic sound, the Even If I Lose Again composition complements these sparkling electronic passages with enchanting vocal inspiration that comes to the fore of the Listen to Your Friends musical confession, walking in a rhythmic march along the path of revelations and explanations. The Terrible Town album's title track confidently and clearly embodies and explains its name in an atmosphere of melodic haze, completing this musical artwork.