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This task means everything

September 08, 2021
Kat - The Last Convoy

The energy and drive of musical passages set the pace and energy, an inspired musical image of the Satan's Nights song by an inspired narration of the vocal party of a gloomy fairy tale. The title composition continues the Kat - The Last Convoy album with the significance of the mid-tempo march, leading listeners behind the vocal party and bringing artistic shades to musical variations.
The muffled sounds of the radio speaker commemorate the intro of the Mind Cannibals composition marking the union of the drive, power and rage in the mid-tempo musical sound. Tributes of respect for the legendary group is embodied in a rapid race of the Highway Star (Deep Purple cover) composition.
The soft and fascinating Dark Holeballad enchants the combination of musical tenderness and vocal feelings, creating their combination a romantic atmosphere. Toughly, violently and excitingly starting Flying Fire 2020 (feat. Tim "Reaper" Owens) song with so fascinates thrust for an adventure and fascinates vocals of the invited vocalist.
The unrestrained drive of the Blackout (Scorpions cover) composition reimburs the tribute to the famous group. Playfully and fascinatingly, the sound of the You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC cover) song transmits the echoes of the original hit. The Hidden Track completes the release by the sound of a remote motorcycle, after which guitar solo, music and vocals summarize the entire album.