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This tale is dark but fascinating

December 30, 2020
Vader - Solitude in Madness

The Shock and Awe track's music soars in an unrestrained whirlwind of furious drive, capturing charismatic vocal tunes to rush in a furious race. The Into Oblivion continues the musical narration in the spirit of a furious thriller, bringing with the vocals elements of the storytelling of the dark tale of the Vader - Solitude in Madness album. Returning to musical swiftness, the Despair leaves the vocals in the foreground of the musical image.
The guitar solo of the Incineration of the Gods intro takes you into the dark mystery of mesmerizing melody, then the vocal scream calls for an acceleration of the tempo, but the vocal narration restrains the swiftness in the verses, combining several vocal styles in the vocal part. But the instrumental bridges return to frantic speed, captivating with an incredible guitar solo in the instrumental section. The Sanctification Denied mesmerizingly combines the melodic pulsation of guitar riffs and solos with epic fairy tale narration...And Satan Wept is chasing in an incredibly high-speed race, but the vocal phrases add epic significance, at times accentuating the rhythm.
The Emptiness intro's guitar solo captivates with mesmerizing melody, but then the vocals heighten the significance with their narration. Intriguing with the opening guitar solo, the Final Declaration then swirls it around the vocal line. The Dancing in the Slaughterhouse sets up the main tune around the base of the guitar riffs, then races at a fast pace until the chorus name is accentuated. The drum roll invokes the unbridled anger of the Stigma of Divinity musical thriller, crowned with emotional vocal cries leading up to the final composition of the album Bones, in which the concept of the album is fully completed.
The Vader -Solitude in Madness (Mailorder Edition Bonus CD) complements this release for true fans.