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This storms indicates extraordinary predictions

December 24, 2018
Lucian Scott - Storms

Mysterious sounds majestically and mysteriously begins the Lucian Scott - Storms album, then the unreserved songs of the female vocals complement the music with intrigue. Then the main motive of the The Devil's Eye composition envelops the emotional phrases of clean male vocals, rolling out the music sheet until the vocals become tougher to the growl, but the composition ends with the same inspired clean vocals.
The music becomes deeper, slower and more thoughtful, enveloping The Living Flame vocal phrases with a veil of gloomy romance. Then the music retreats to the side, complementing vocal reflections only with muffled keyboards, but then returns the romantic veils, complementing them with wordless chants of the invisible fairy.
The gloomy sacrament continues the musical canvas of the conceptual album with a mysterious mystery, casting obscure assumptions and suggesting the need to Sacrifice to unknown deities or pay unknown obeisances to unknown entities.
The vague atmosphere slowly rolls the musical canvas of The Undead Maiden's Final Voyage narration, pumping more and more mysterious omens. In the middle of the narration, the vocal turns into a proclamation of omens by recitative. In the instrumental part, the story first raises a wave of inspiration with a touch of drive, but then returns to gloomy mysteriousness.
The Storms title track continues the album with a romantic ballad fascinating with a leisurely atmospheric sound and suggesting future disasters. Rolling waves of the May the Devil... pulsating march completes the album, complementing emotional vocal cries with rolling waves of musical drive in instrumental bridges and harsh vocal phrases to growling overflows from time to time. In the instrumental part, the winnings of cosmic motifs fascinate with artistic delights.