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This storm will scatter the walls into dust

May 19, 2022
Stray Gods - Storm The Walls

Persistently, persistently and insistently, the guitar solo introduces a premonition of imminent changes, reproaching the sound of The Seventh Day song with vocal proclamations, starting the sound of the Stray Gods - Storm The Walls album with a combative gluttony and irresistible perseverance. Wrapped around the riffs and twilight mystery of guitars passages, the Black Horses composition envelops the upcoming vocal confessions with intriguing musical covers.
The music creates a staggering sound, crowning it with significant vocal proclamations of the Alive For A Night song and summing up this unity with bright guitar solos. The Silver Moon intro's guitar solo fascinates with the romantic sound of the uprisings of medieval sagas, then captivating the listener with vocal narration to the expanses of such fairy tales. But then music and vocals preserving this armosphere pumps up waves of drive and energy in it.
The guitar solo rolls out the musical canvas of the Naked In The Fire main motif, then crowned with vocal narration in a single musical sound with guitar passages. The Love In The Dark composition somewhat softens and divides the stylistic framework of the album, again and again returning to the guitar solo as a leitmotif.
Billowing with a whirlwind of guitar rebelliousness and musical unrestrained, the The World Is A Stage song gives a sparkling charm to this flight with vocal emotions, preparing for the brooding of the Storm The Walls final composition.