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This song changes everything

November 17, 2021
A Kew’s Tag - Silence Of The Sirens

The chiming of the guitar strings progressively weaves the Heading For The Horizon emotional musical lace, enveloping the vocal reflections with sparkling covers of musical sensuality. The Wilted Flowers Smell song continues the musical story of the A Kew’s Tag - Silence Of The Sirens album, starting with a soft and sensual guitar solo, then getting more and more complex musically, complemented by ascending vocal experiences.
Hovering in anticipation of romantic feelings with dreamy vocal reflections, the A Poisoned Mind composition complements them with rhythmic musical bars, at times retreating before doubt-filled vocal meditations. The My Cage song brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, supporting the vocal sensibility with reassuring musical variations.
The vocal contemplation puffs up an incredible amount of speculation, eclipsing the romantic musical narrative of the Amentia ballad, which brings elements of chanson and echoes of medieval minstrel serenades to the album's sound. The Statues Falling composition hardens the sound in the introduction, then retreating from musical fury to vocal pensiveness. The subdued vocal mystery of the Horizon's End song is complemented by a veil of twilight obscurity and enigmatic musical accompaniment. The End To Start Again track leaves the keystone of the album's musical journey, calling for the continuation of the wanderings through the musical expanse.