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This scream sweeps away crowds and destroys walls

January 06, 2023
Werewolves - The Dead Are Screaming

The announcement of the coming plans with the story of the sage enters into the deadly energetic drive of the Establish Dominance composition, weaving a vocal part of harsh and growling vocals, pumping up with assertive waves of unity of musical drive and severe vocal anger, repeating the musical story of the Werewolves - The Dead Are Screaming album with the Know Your Place song.
Beginning with a frantic unity of music and vocals in a furious assault, the Dogknotted composition whispers the solemn pace of the majestic anthem in the chorus, entertaining with the exciting sparkle of the sound of the Fountains of Bile main motif to the discovery of unexplored musical spaces.
The bright and exciting musical extravaganza of the assertive thriller accentuates the No More Heroes title again and again, completing the vocals fragments with it and raising it to the top in the chorus, raising the musical fury in the sound of the Beating Those We Despise composition, after setting the main motif of which musical variations elevate vocal phrases to the crests of musical waves.
Entering with the pressure of musical fury, the Gnaw Their Bones song then builds a musical structure based on the unity of musical passages and vocals dispute, then rolling with the frantic pressure of the Irate furious musical thriller, retreating musical drive before the vocals narrative in the verse and combining music and vocals in a single burst of chorus and then bringing sparkling echoes in this unity, anticipating the alternation of the primacy of music and vocals in the sound of the Showering Teeth final composition of the album.