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This ritual can scare anyone

February 27, 2023
Yatra - Death Ritual

Viscous musical passages weave vocal reflections with viscous musical threads, intertwining in the Hour Of The Dragon joint musical story, opening the musical gates for the Yatra - Death Ritual album, continuing with the intriguing mystery of the Black Moon intro, continuing with a gloomy step through a gloomy haze and mystical fog with vocals obscuration.
The vocal part is brought to the forefront in the Sacred Flower dark musical tale, entwined with a ghostly mystery and fascinating twilight of musical covers, enveloping twilight in anticipation of the mysterious intriguing atmosphere of the Snakes In The Temple musical story, viscously stretching and unhurriedly intriguing before the introduction of the vocals story with unclear musical twilight.
Guitar riffs roll out the musical canvas of the Smoke Is Rising main motif, then paving the musical road for a vocal procession, continuing with a viscous and mysterious Four Directions march, enveloping musical passages with mysterious vocal phrases with shades of oriental motifs.
The guitar riffs of the introduction are brought to the forefront of the Mighty Arrows musical image, rolling in rhythmic waves, raising vocals phrases to their crests, preparing for the perception of unhurried reflections and twilight mystery of the musical sound of the Sailing On final composition of the album.