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This revenge lurks in the shadows

March 28, 2018
Thieves by the Code - Ava's Revenge

In an obscure fog, the Arabelle Decibel mysterious images flashes as foggy silhouettes, dissolving in the surrounding haze and starting the Thieves by the Code - Ava's Revenge album with a psychedelic atmosphere of intriguing illusion.
Deeply and significantly pulsating like the sighs of a gigantic entity The Touch envelops its impulses with the enchanting cosmic rays of the keyboard extravaganzas that give fantastic mysticism artistic passages, flowing around vocal phrases full of dreaminess and anxiety.
The instrumental saga Crimson Tears with enchanting organ etudes develops the epic artistry of the previous composition, elevating the classical atmosphere of ancient sonnets, combined with the electronic echoes of the distant future.
Anxious forebodings create a spirit of anxiety, pointing to the enemy with weapons in their hands - but his being indicates that Supernatural I am (again and again emphasizing confidence in this unconquerable feature)!
The epic atmosphere of ancient legends rises again from non-existence, in the Seventh Sons music keyboards party dominates, the vocals gives anxiety and emotions. In the instrumental part, the sound is supplemented by sultry eastern winds from unexplored deserts.
The enchanting atmosphere of the magic gardens, the singing of invisible birds and the melodies of unknown fairies are combined in an instrumental romance Ombra that is enveloping a peaceful calm that removes emotions and adversity.
Pumping waves, first indicating the source of anxiety, then taking to the dark abyss It's Already Dead vocal despair above all else, in the instrumental part the key passage gives pensive fears, which the vocal sweeps with incredible anxiety.
Laughter, screaming, hysterics are preceded by the thrilling pensive introduction of the title track Ava's Revenge by the shimmering shades of the main motif, rolling in unhurried echoes, supplementing the changing games of vocal changes.
A playful play in which sharp phrases ends with turns of musical sophistication begin the final part of the album, creating a wandering spirit of a beginner traveling from Tokio Nights, continuing their viscous introduction with a humming-like swarm of alarmed insects, the Medellin vocal nervously recitative returns to the fact that you are hoping for the police. Well, wandering ends in dreams, having rejected ordinary reality referring to imaginary Penombra spaces. It envelops us with a charming instrumental romance.