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This remedy is suitable for spiritual wounds

June 01, 2019
Tartarus Hymn - Remedy

The intriguing entry enchants with the twilight haze, then the main motive of the Cataclysmic Cosmic Storm composition rolls with fascinating waves, following the established vocal marks and revealing the true appearance of the Tartarus Hymn - Remedy album. Developing the melody of the previous composition The Soul Leaves The Eyes gives it a more epic charm, starting by broadcasting a fairy tale and recreating the mystical haze with instrumental bridges.
Starting with a romantic ballad The Serpentine Seafarer then turns into a solemn hymn, with the introduction of vocals, transforming into a confident mid-tempo march, returning to the chorus to proud pride and solemnity.
The gloomy haze of the Immortal Cerebration composition envelops the cautious melodies of clean vocals, which are terrified and doubtful, enticing ghosts, transforming vocals into a severe growling.
Replacing the romantic melodies of instrumental bridges and fragments with clean vocals the Dark Star song transforms, complementing dreams with harsh demonic whirlwinds of drive. Eternity Finite complements this melodic structure, giving the fragments with clean vocals greater reverie and enveloping the growling with more melodic accompaniment. The title track Remedy also alternates such contrasting fragments, paying more attention to the dreamy melodies of clean vocals and enveloping vocal growling phrases with the romantic atmosphere of enchanting ballads.
After variations of romanticism and dreamy passages, Cosmic Veneration rushes in a rapid drive race, but retains a charming melody. But clean vocals also manifest themselves, achieving a dominant position in a soft romantic ballad Violet that finishes the album with a dreamy twilight.