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This realm is beyond the reach of human beings

March 15, 2022
Emerald Sun - Kingdom Of Gods

The vocals proclamation sets the title of the Book Of Genesis track, wrapping its speech in a veil of symphonic charm and anticipating the sparkling inspiration of the epic sound that opens the gates of the musical march of the Emerald Sun - Kingdom Of Gods album. Rhythmically, confidently and persistently, the Heroes On The Rise song pummels a rhythmic march on the edge of mid-tempo sound with notes of impatience, topped off with a sparkling and mesmerizing symphony of musical artistry. The harsh and powerful Hellbound battle march rhythmically and persistently pummels the march of his squad along their chosen path, enveloping the vocal narrative with sparkling covers of powerful drive.
The musical mystery creates an intriguing twilight, which is pierced by the swift whirl of the sparkling blade sound of the Legions Of Doom track. The Gaia epic saga enchants with musical mystery in anticipation of the rushing chase of the guitar drive that anticipates the sound of a musical fairy tale. Wrapping a veil of mysterious enchantment, the Kingdom Of Gods album's title track creates a symphonic lace-like musical enchantment around such an artistic and varied vocals narrative.
Accelerating the musical sound in the impatient race of the Raise Hell song, music and vocals come together in a joint flow of unrestrained pursuit. The Hunter track first brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, then captivates with the unusually artistic and melodic guitar solo of the instrumental bridges. The We Will Die On Our Feet waves of martial drive come with a wave of irrepressibility and martial valor, sometimes retreating before the inspirational tones of the vocals that anticipate the valiant march of a legendary unit returning after battles and exploits. The Where Warriors Belong bard ballad leaves the final chord of the album with the charm of memories of former battles and feats.