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This rage is just looking for a reason

June 03, 2022
Slavesun - The Rising Vehemence

The symphonic intro Into The Light begins to roll out the musical canvas of the Slavesun - The Rising Vehemence album, on which then the frantic drive of the sound of The Primeval Chaos composition runs rapidly, continuing the severity and musical fury in the presentation and sound of the Under Golden The Ages song, which accentuates the killing rhythm more severely and harshly.
More severely and densely marking the rhythmic pace of the procession, the Vicous Circle Eternal severe march adheres to the musical path of the album's leitmotif, giving mystery to the variations in the compositional essence of the Grand Millenium The Malediction song, then rolling in waves with musical processions of The Rising Vehemence title track's solemn anthem, combining musical drive and vocals significance. The Final Battle Of Thunder composition varies the rhythmic structure, combining vocal reflections and pulsating drive variations in a single musical stream.
Whirlwinds of musical drive, the Vengeance The Enthroned song wraps around their results with guitar riffs, emphasizing the significance of its name in the chorus, continuing the musical race with the furious fury of the Sekhmet The Exterminator musical thriller, which adheres to the main motive with additions and variations. The Primordial Supremacy composition immediately brings the vocal part to the forefront of the sound, anticipating the intriguing one. the mystery of the sound of The Ultimate Profanation final track, which ends the album with a rhythmic and confident march.