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This mist hides lucidity

January 04, 2021
Caldera - Mist Through Your Consciousness

Musical mystery envelops the listener with a fan of guesses, combining in the musical sound the romantic chime of guitar passages and the gloomy procession of the Coast Redwood dark anthem of saddened romanticism, opening the gates for the brooding reflections of the Caldera - Mist Through Your Consciousness album. Twisting a bewitching symphonic lace of guitar riffs, the Juniper composition enchants with the solemn procession of their sound.
Thoughtful musical reflections create a mysterious atmosphere in which the bass guitar solo comes to the forefront of the Wollemia musical image, but then the guitar solo brings the charm of its solo to the flags of the musical procession. The guitar solo immediately builds in the musical extravaganza of the main motive, complementing the sound of the F.I.R track with solemn passages in the bridges.
Once again, enchanting with the atmosphere of romantic melodism, the White Pine envelops with the covers of brooding mystery. But the Alerce accelerates the pace, rolling in waves of rebellious drive and crushing obstacles with stubborn sound storms. Acoustic chimes of guitar solos and obscure echoes of enigmatic reflections captivate with the Larch track's sound, anticipating the epic legend of the Dawn Redwood final track of the album.