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This metal will remains in the hearts forever and ever

September 01, 2019
 Powerwolf - Metallum Nostrum

The Powerwolf - Metallum Nostrum album consists of the songs cover versions, which pays tribute to, honor and glorify legendary music groups.
At first Touch Of Evil, (Judas Priest cover) interprets the sound of the song in a more epic format, enveloping the mystical atmosphere of musical mystery. Then the Conquistadores, (Running Wild cover) preserves the musical style of the original, racing in a fast-paced race of furious drive of rampant musical thriller.
Developing the ideas of the original track, Edge Of Thorns, (Savatage cover) entwines with an incredible amount of musical variations, combining mysterious reflections and intertwining them with the atmosphere of a significant anthem. And again, after the epic saga of the musical narrative, the swiftness and drive that are inherent in the style of this group returns, shrouded in the Power And Glory, (Chroming Rose cover) banners of valor and invoking heroic deeds. Keeping the rebellious mood of the original, Out In The Fields, (Gary Moore cover) sets a more severe vocal sound, giving the composition more toughness and power. The following songs reinterpret the sound of the originals in the style of this group - first Shot In The Dark, (Ozzy Osbourne cover) sounds more zoomed and rhythmic, then Gods Of War Arise, (Amon Amarth cover) is transformed using clean vocals instead of growling, softening the drive and giving the music a bewitching shade of keyboard passages.
The guitar solo of the main motive preserves bewitching melody, then The Evil That Men Do, (Iron Maiden cover) sounds more epic and bewitching, entwining the vocal parts, following the pulsating drive of music with the charming melody of guitar riffs. Keeping the mesmerizing mysticism of the original, Headless Cross, (Black Sabbath cover) changes the sound due to a change in the vocal part. Night Crawler, (Judas Priest cover) completes the album, preserving the style of the original sound, but giving it special shades with vocal phrases.