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This light is scattering the darkness and the twilight

March 25, 2022
Felskinn - Enter The Light

The Darkness In Your Eyes composition begins the musical narrative of the album, embodying its title with the sparkling artistry of the musical narrative. The Send The Angels Down march condenses the sound, injecting the rhythmic pacing of the verse music with militant persistence and raising triumphant banners in the chorus. The Felskinn - Enter The Light album's title track immediately draws you into a stormy whirlwind of a leitmotif, then envelops the vocals narrative.
The music of the Your Life Is Mine dark anthem creates a twilight atmosphere of mythic mystery, preparing for the mystical twilight of the vocal incantation in the chorus. The World Will End romantic ballad charms with melodic artistry and sensuality of vocal emotionality. The Driven composition enters with an energetic and rebellious drive, then brings the vocal part to the forefront and embellishes the sound with a bright guitar solo, The Saviour Was Born song continues the musical charm of the final part of the previous track.
The twilight musical atmosphere envelops the vocal part of the Life Beyond The Line dark anthem with a veil of appropriate significance. The Lonely Heart composition creates a path in the verse for the ascension of inspiration in the chorus. The Final Reason song immediately brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image.
Harshly spinning the musical flywheel of the Where main motif, the music foreshadows the Sixfivefour final rhythmic battle march.