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This lies is still dreamy

May 13, 2022
Aeviterne - The Ailing Facade

Fiercely, powerfully and intelligibly guitar riffs envelop the vocal differences in the Denature composition of the Aeviterne - The Ailing Facade album, then bringing the trends of progressive artistry in the final part of the composition. The Still the Hollows' Sway song begins with a rhythmic pulsation, then remaining against the background of a rhythmic bounces and turning into a romantic outline of melodic charm in the chorus.
The music weaves a mesmerizing lace of melodic passages, then enveloping the shawl of calm and care fascinating vocal narration of the Penitent musical fairy tale. The The Reeking Suns composition rises in a whirlwind of chase and pursuit, chasing in unstoppable impulses for illusory dreams. But the instrumental bridge anticipates the chorus with a charming guitar solo, then crowned with the vocal inspiration of the chorus in the joint lace of the melodic grandeur of the solemn anthem. The Gaunt Sky explodes with the unrestrained fury of a musical thriller, complementing the sound with echoes of mystical mystery and vague hints about upcoming prophecies and predictions.
Shrouded in twilight veils of vague conjecture and the mystery of the sound of the Obeyance song creates an intriguing suspension of mysticism and mystery, anticipating the development of such a musical style in The Ailing Facade title track of the album, beginning with muted pulsations and marching drumming, then continuing with a mesmerizing instrumental melody. The longest and most varied composition of the album, Dream in Lies, concludes its musical narrative with the embodiment of all its features and revealing the secret of its musical essence.