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This legion of madness will kill everyone

November 15, 2021
Killing (DNK), 2021 -  Face the Madness

The unrestrained, furious drive of the frenetic musical Kill Everyone thriller begins the Killing (DNK) - Face the Madness musical album with a whirlwind of impetuous drive. Maintaining the same frantic drive, the Before Violence Strikes song transforms its sound, ending the bars with guitar passages.
Intense and unapproachable, the Don'T Get Mad, Get Evil composition accentuates its title again and again in the chorus. The melodic artistry of the guitar solo of the instrumental part should be highlighted. Insistently, fiercely, but at the same time with some notes of playfulness, the See You in Hell song also again and again emphasizes the meaning of its title in the chorus.
The sound of the Legion of Hate musical passages captures with a whirlwind of hit impetuosity, creating an impressive foundation for the vocal phrases. Once again, the guitar solo complements the sound with melodic charm. The cries of seagulls, the ringing of the bell ... it is quite unexpected to see the Viking theme in the works of such style, but in the sound of the Straight out of Kattegat composition its traces can be clearly traced. The intro guitar solo intrigues and becomes the leitmotif of the One Last Victim track, paving the way for vocal emotional outbursts and furious screams. After an intriguing pause, the 1942 song rolls in waves of rapid drive and reveals another theme - World War 2. The Killed in Action mid-tempo march closes the album with a stern and confident march on the chosen path.