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This landscape is so frightening

April 01, 2021
Andromida (USA) - Hellscape

Futuristic appeals to the Havoc ancient legends and fairy tales are combined with the pulsating procession of the medium-dimension march, supplemented by the background mysticism of musical mystery. Summary, disassemble and stubborn Isolated continues the musical sound of the Andromida (USA) - Hellscape album, alternating the majestic anthem with the essays of battle marches. The Zenith intriguing starts, swing lace man-made romance, then a gossip of musical female with futuristic sparks of a distant future with romantic notes of forgotten fairy tales.
Anxious and mysterious musical aspects of a distant future bring the romantic atmosphere by electronic pulsations of the Paradise Lost thoughtful ballad. The Pathogen Downfall is sympathy and angry with distant planets, whining these urges with a spicy atmosphere of deserted trends. The Enigma main motive takes you on a journey through the sparkling twilight of mystical mystery, enchanting with the bewitching melody of a mysterious symphony.
The majestic significance of the Dystopia Foretold solemn anthem is transfused by sparkling electronic impulses. The Cataclysm continues such a sound style, the bent waves of the twilight mysteriousness, continuing with the pulsating heartbeat of the musical beast. The The album seasoned Purgatory romance by asking accession atmosphere sad memories keyboard suites.