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This journey will leave memories

August 09, 2021
Steinham Tor, 2016 -  Maiden Voyage

The title composition begins the musical narration of the Steinham Tor - Maiden Voyage album with romantic tenderness in conjunction with the artistry of musical variations. A Walk In The Park passes the charming setting of the main motive, topped with a chime to the keyboard passages. The Valentine track puts forward keyboard part on the forefront of the musical image, complementing the sound of the soft sounds of the saxophone.
The chime strings of an acoustic guitar creates a mystical charm of the Depth Of Love instrumental ballad music, complementing it with the mysterious background wordless vocals. Hanging wind instruments intertwined and alternate with guitar solo in the sound of the Daydream artistic symphony. The Diggin' That Swing creates the atmosphere of the lounge, as if returning during the popularity of jazz. The sealing sound of the Standing Bear song pulsates the heartbeat of the symptoms of musical ripples, wrapping them with the coverings of keyboards and wreathing with keyboards heating.
The keyboards intro suite sets the sound motion of the First Snow composition, continuing to the stylist in the romantic sound of the In Your Arms and Search For Greener Pastures tracks. The Fanfare For Lives Taken Too Soon completes the album of symphony with the majestic influence of classical music.