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January 10, 2021
Morbid Death - Oxygen

Intriguingly and persistently, the Away song spins the Morbid Death - Oxygen album's musical flywheels, combining melodic mystery with vocal significance. The Deep Down composition explodes with waves of unrestrained drive, topped with a gothic mystery of keyboard mystery, more embodied in the sound of the To Escape song, in which the march of the vocals is rhythmically hammered in combination with the echoes of wanderings.
After an intriguing introduction, the Cry Me Out track charms with its unity of vocal uncertainty and anger and mid-tempo musical melody. The Grow Stronger song charms with gothic mystery, progressively twisted together with restrained drive, continuing the same style in the Oxygen title track with the addition of mystical chants of ritualistic priests.
The charm of the Dark Love melodic ballad mesmerizes with dreamy musings. The Jordsträngar composition complements the vocal meditations with mystical musical echoes. Rolling in waves of mid-dark pressure, the Carved Upon a Stone song brings the vocal part in the unity of growling and clean vocals to the foreground of the sound.
After the mysterious intrigue of the intro, the Parasites with Ties song breaks up the resistance with a drumbeat, then marches in a procession of twilight romance ahead of the Dead Inside solemn march and The Perfect Lie final track of the album.