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This is a collection of dark tales

December 13, 2020
Cynabare Urne - Obsidian Daggers And Cinnabar Skulls

Rising up in the intro with a frenzied whirlwind of impetuous drive the Erida Evoken song with the introduction of vocals pacifies the tempo, sometimes returning to a fast-paced race again, but raising the banners of an epic saga in the middle. The Prometheus Bound continues the Cynabare Urne - Obsidian Daggers And Cinnabar Skulls album with such a mysterious and twilight tale in intro, but the vocals appeal to the unrestrained swiftness of the musical drive, returning again and again to mid-tempo phrases. Rhythmically and confidently driving in the passages of the procession of the mid-tempo drive the Hidden in the Higher Light rolls out this musical canvas for the march of the vocal part.
The Ba'al Berit explodes with a frantic acceleration of the musical sound, anticipating the vocal part with the viscous twilight of a guitar solo, which then acts as a fundamental fragment of the main motive, but again exploding with frantic impetuosity. The drumming of the shamanic ritual of pravadays the mystical mystery of the Escaping Xibalba composition music. The Dauntless They Are whirls again into a whirlwind of unbridled drive, complementing it with the charm of an epic guitar solo.
The round dance of the Besmirch Curse main motive takes you into a swift whirlwind of unrestrained dance. Pulsing with an unsettling rhythm into intro, then the Di Inferi Chaos calms down and confidently pounds the beats of a mid-tempo march, wrapping the rhythm and vocals in twilight guitar vortexes. Keeping the mid-tempo procession the Last of the Icons Alive speeds up the musical tempo somewhat, with the introduction of mysterious phrases of the vocals soaring in the pulsating impetuosity of the drive. But in the middle, a short fragment of pure vocal reflections introduces a kind of mysticism. The Misotheist ends the album with a dark and stern musical procession of the dark anthem.