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This heroes just wasting time

June 08, 2022
Outrun the Fall - Hollow Point Heroes

The whirlwind of the Wasted Time main motif captures and captivates at dusk of vocals reflections. The Picture track continues the Outrun the Fall - Hollow Point Heroes album's musical narrative with a progressive complication of rhythmics and sparkling echoes of vocals doubts, then pushing encouraging vocal phrases to the forefront of the From the Inside musical image.
The Cut the Ties vocals lyrics fascinate and captivate you to listening, complementing the musical passages with intriguing turns, then pushing vocal reflections to the foreground of the Sit Down Shut Up musical story. The whirlwind of the guitar solo leads to the hurried pursuit of musical impatience of the Circus Sideshow composition. But vocal phrases pacify musical haste with hopeful promises, complementing the dreaminess of clean vocals with the severity of phrases of harsh vocals.
The vocal recitative of the Someone Like You composition expands the stylistic framework of the album, but then the vocals return to inspiring and reassuring phrases. After the significant guitar solo of the introduction, the vocal phrases crown the Red Light musical narrative, attaching even more importance to the Wake Up and Calm Before the Storm vocals parts.
The Over from the Start vocals narrative draws you into the melodic expanses of imagination and reflection, entering the sound of the Better Days composition with a melodic guitar solo with a premonition of an alarming ballad and the final album of the Control Me encouraging composition.