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This heart will burn even in the winter night

September 04, 2021
Butterfly Temple, 2020 -  Волчье солнце

Instrumental Интро fascinates by romantic guitar tunes with distant and muted natures, then a vocal story comes out in the sound of the Мести бремя composition on the foreground, the focusing meaning of the methow and the combining musical manifold with vocal transformations. The Помнишь рассветbegins the dominance of the bass in intro, then continuing the sound of the Butterfly Temple - Волчье солнце album with an epic saga.
Melodic musical reflections are intertwined in a romantic dance with clean vocals, but then the Веков седая пыль music is transformed along with the severity of growling vocals. The Волчье солнце title track rolls the waves of an unrestrained drive, whipping the vocal batch by sparkling ribbons of musical variations, combining harsh significance and melodic charm.
Starting with the keyboards solo, the vocals comes with a harsh growling, but then the Маятник дней is transformed into epic ballad. Music and vocals are combined in the Горькой полыни вино hit and exciting track. The Солнце за холмами song fonds in variations of music and vocals, combined in an exciting musical stream.
Guitar solo sets the path of development of the Открытая дверь main motive, then topped with vocal phrases. Singing lady transforms the sound of the Гром composition in a combination with symphony musical variations. The Купалинка and Своя земля songs facilitate the sound, enchanting musical shades of the folklore song in the final album fragment.