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This guy can cure enyone!

April 21, 2023
Simon Chase - The Witch Doctor

Guitar riffs are paving the way for the vocal storytelling, emphasizing the importance of the Listen To The Wisemen edification, which begins the Simon Chase - The Witch Doctor album with meaningful announcements, continuing with the rhythmic tread of the Lay Down musical march.
The bass guitar points the way to the Leave Him Tonight main motif, which is then crowned by emotional vocals lyrics and bright guitar solos, continuing the musical story of the album with the soft and gentle charm of the So The Story Goes romantic ballad.
Captivating the melodic guitar solo of the introduction, the Anybody Listening song then brings the vocal part to the fore, emphasizing its name, continuing the vocal dominance in the enchanting sound of the Don't Take My Life ballad, complementing the vocal lyrics with melodic musical charm and accentuating the name with female vocals.
Full of doubts, the vocal story marches along the path of the musical passages of the One By One composition, sometimes alternating the main vocals with the melodies of comrades-in-arms, continuing the musical picture with the charming sound of the Mind The Store instrumental ballad, combining guitars sparkle and creative ascension of keyboards passages.
After an energetic introduction, the vocal part is brought to the fore of the Many Times composition, bringing notes of blues and transformation of the vocal part into the Heartless song and completing the album with the artistic inspiration of the Crazy World composition.