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This gates leads to dreams and night vision

September 04, 2019
Freedom Of Fear - Nocturnal Gates

Already the introduction shows enchanting turns of the The Consciousness of Misery main motive, then the music is transformed into a meaningful procession of a solemn march, complemented by emotional vortices of vocal phrases. In instrumental bridges and choruses, the main motive is again manifested by rapid whirlwinds. In the middle of the composition in the instrumental part of the saxophone solo gives the composition shades of progressive artistry.
The Abstract Venom continues the musical narrative of the Freedom Of Fear - Nocturnal Gates album with a furious drive, being transformed by whirlwinds of deadly dance in verses and choruses. In instrumental bridges, progressive guitar solos with a complex rhythmic pattern in the background comes to the forefront of the musical image.
The enchanting piano solo Gateways takes you to the expanses of fairy mysteries, speaking as the introduction to the Purgatorium composition, preserving an epic fairy tale, but acting as a black knight in a harsh narration, sparkling with a fire sword in the variable rhythm of musical narration, alternating variations of screaming and growling in the vocal part.
The acoustic guitar solo Nocturne returns to the realm of fairy tales, setting the enchanting atmosphere of the bard saga. Then the Amorphous completes the album, beginning with a thoughtful introduction and rolling furious waves of unbridled drive that recede in front of the jazz motifs of the instrumental bridges.