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This fire burns down everything that exists

September 16, 2022
Trial (Swe) - Feed the Fire

The intriguing mystery of the Tria Prima intro creates the prerequisites for the development of an epic saga in the musical fairy tale of the Trial (Swe) - Feed the Fire album, further developing the motives laid down in the intro in the swift musical whirlwind of the Sulphery composition, wrapping the vocal narrative with sparkling threads of guitar passages.
After a thoughtful preparation of the musical path in the intro, the Thrice Great Path song takes off in a fast-paced pursuit of the chosen goals, driven by a charismatic vocal narrative, continuing in the epic sound of the In the Highest saga with notes of valiant grandeur and adventurous excitement, continuing with the militant mood of the guitar riffs with the dense and militant work of the rhythm session, then setting the stage for a bold and tenacious vocals appeal to adventure and exploits.
The bright guitar solo of the intro inspires listening to the Snare of the Fowler song, which then develops its compositional structure in a progressive and bright sound, anticipating spiritual chants, anticipating a bright and valiant Feed the Fire title's musical thriller, condensing drive and soaring with a swift whirlwind of sparkling musical chase in anticipation of a vocal epic saga.
The musical fairy tale of The Faustus Hood ballad embodies in its sound the echoes of medieval fairy tales and the twilight mystery of the choice of the future path - after all, the seemingly best choice can be deceptive and hide the inevitable dangers, then embodied in unbridled militancy and furious militancy and the greatness of the Quadrivium brave saga, which affirms the inevitability of fierce resistance, let even from the last effort, which marks the thoughtful sophistication of the sound of The Crystal Sea epic last track of the album.