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This fear is what makes you to deny the truth

March 15, 2022
Crowbar (USA) - Zero And Below

Insistently, persistently and irrepressibly, The Fear That Binds YouHer song rolls in waves of drive in the introduction, anticipating the introduction of the vocals with rhythmic pulsating march. The Evil Is Sacred composition continues the sounding of the Crowbar (USA) - Zero And Below album with heavy viscosity, restraining the vocal meditations by powerful fetters of musical twilight, uniting them in a single musical lace of twilight mystery. Setting the leitmotif of the musical story in the introduction, the Confess To Nothing song combines it with the vocal reflections in a single musical stream.
The Chemical Godz composition confidently, rhythmically, persistently and tenaciously marches on its chosen path with a stern march, introducing thoughtful musical distractions in the musical bridges preceding the chorus and in the chorus itself. The Denial Of The Truth epic saga weaves a musical lace of ancient tales, enveloping with its twilight covers the pensive narration of the enigmatic storyteller. The Bleeding From Every Hole composition sets the direction of the development of the main motif in the introduction, then rolling in musical waves combined with embellishing vocal emotionality.
Weaving a mesmerizing lace of intriguing mystery in the introduction, the It's Always Worth The Gain musical tale then completes the musical charm with touches of vocal reflection. The Crush Negativity composition enters with waves of persistent and persistent drive, then adds notes of unhurried twilight solemnity to the musical sound and vocal reflections. The main motif of the Reanimating A Lie song is evoked immediately in the introduction, then crowning the musical changes with vocal phrases and foreshadowing the end of the album with the Zero And Below title track, emphasizing the significance and echoes of ancient legends and tales in the gravity of the twilight musical tale.