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This essence requires an expansion of perception

November 18, 2020
Makari - Hyperreal

Dancing musical passages are combined with the Better vocals phrases in a sparkling unity, sometimes accelerating the tempo, sometimes returning again to a leisurely ballad with a progressive fracture of rhythm. The Jar gives a twilight tinge of thought to the vocal part, soaring in inspiration ahead of the chorus of the next song on the Makari - Hyperreal album. After an intriguing anticipation, the Transient develops sparkling vortices of the main motive, receding before the brooding dreams of the vocals, but returning again in the chorus. Once again, the Fractals music rolls over in waves of dancing pulsations, lifting vocal inspiration to the crest of the waves of the musical sea.
The music and vocals of the title composition Hyperreal are intertwined in a progressive dance of musical and rhythmic variations, captivating with a peculiar sound. Vocal phrases come to the fore in the musical image, melodic transformations accompany vocal inspiration. Vocal phrases come to the fore in the Seasons musical image, melodic transformations accompany vocal inspiration. The romantic atmosphere of musical artistry is combined with the emotional ascension of vocal experiences in sensual sound of the No Longer composition, combining a romantic ballad and emotional experiences.
The Hollow pensive ballad slowly and unhurriedly takes you into the vastness of the romantic mystery. The Dashboard verse's thoughts end with the rapture of the dreamy chorus. The album closes with echoes of native places Control, enveloping with covers of peace and tranquility.