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This entity is not condemned to know righteousness

December 16, 2020
Heretical Sect - Rapturous Flesh Consumed

Sternly, gloomily and harshly the Rising Light of Lunacy song begins the musical narration of the Heretical Sect - Rapturous Flesh Consumed album, beginning the vocal part, which is unusual for this style of music - with deep growling, only then complementing the vocal narration with screaming phrases. Slowly and mysteriously the Baptismal Rot and Ash begins with an intriguing mystery, enveloping the further development of the composition in impenetrable haze and adding shades of oriental motives to the guitar solo of the intro. The introduction of vocals, combining in the foreground the suffering phrases of clean vocals with background growling, at first retain a painful viscosity, but then the musical composition is transformed into a whirlwind of impetuous drive, crowned with the rattle of the screaming that is more familiar for this style, complemented by background growling vocals. But then growling again temporarily returns to the forefront of the musical image.
Casting aside a twilight haze, The Depths of Weeping Infinity surges with the fierce fury of a musical thriller, at times bringing in a mysterious mystery with a growling monologue and clean vocals. The mystical mystery of the epic narrative of the Degradation Temple saga first brings in echoes of ancient fairy tales and forgotten legends, but then develops the motives inherent in the introduction with a more diverse musical and vocal addition.
The Resurrection Sky instrumental suite, complemented by background chorales of invisible spirits, acts as an introduction to the Ritual Inversion final composition of the album, developing and complementing the motives laid down in the introduction and using the vocal part to create a more complete musical image.