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This entity can corrupt any order

November 03, 2019
Cognizance - Malignant Dominion

The instrumental composition Nocturnal Emission captivates with bewitching variations, dispelling the expectations of the artless and predictable rigidity of the Cognizance - Malignant Dominion album. A Lesson Through Sickness continues these artistic variations, combining screaming and growling in the vocal part, enveloping them with vortices of musical variations. Then The Organic Citadel complements the sound with epic notes, adding to the album the spells of medieval warlocks invoking destructive demons.
The title track Malignant Domain hardens the artistic passages of music, alternating between screaming and growling in an epic narrative, captivating with a dance of complex and sparkling melody that radiates rays of inspiration and creativity in all directions. In the vocal part, against the background, tunes of clean vocals appear, appealing to the enchanting melody of a guitar solo and a solemn mid-tempo anthem.
The vocal part comes to the forefront of the Strychnine Shift musical narrative, musical passages entwines it with sparkling threads, incredibly captivating with such a progressive and varied sound. Entangling vocal phrases combining screaming and growling with bewitching lace of instrumental passages, Ether of the Void in bridges and refrain raises incredibly bright and inspiring extravaganza of melody.
Dancing in a thoughtful sacrament of expectation Unforeseen Consequences then brings the vocal part to the forefront of the mysterious atmosphere, captivating with further variations of musical thought. Vocal phrases are marching in a pulsating medium-tempo An Existential Battle narrative, as if they were riding a horse, then they bring a certain variability to the musical narration. It should be noted that this is the group’s first LP album - I will look forward to their next artworks!