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This damnation will change perceptions

September 18, 2022
Mammoth Volume - The Cursed Who Perform The Larvagod Rites

The vocal charm of the musical story of The Kuleshov Effect song envelops the listener with echoes of forgotten fairy tales and incredible conjectures, continuing this intriguing mysterious mystery of the musical story of the Mammoth Volume - The Cursed Who Perform The Larvagod Rites album with the Diablo IV leisurely march through an obscure and ambiguous twilight haze.
Weaving the lace of a bewitching twilight fairy tale from music and vocals, the Medieval Torture Device composition stubbornly and persistently follows the path paved by the rhythmic pulsations of the leitmotif, complementing the vocal reflections with an artistic guitar solo. Musical passages reminiscent of whirlwinds of mystical entities create intriguing prerequisites for the charming mystery of the vocal narrative of the Want To Join Us? Come Back Later! musical tale.
Acoustic guitar passages of the Osteoporos bard tale complement the background ritual tunes and passes of druidic healers, further rolling in waves of stubborn and assertive drive of The Lightwedge 60's Race, Zombie Piccolos And The German musical proclamation, calling to follow the leader without the least doubt.
Artistic and unhurried A King And A Tyrant composition marches under the covers of a romantic atmosphere, remaining true to the path of the main motive, then the musical pressure, crowned with vocal inspiration, combines in the sound of A Lullaby Of Doom song, intriguing with the sound of the verse, anticipating the further raising of the banners of the true musical essence, calming down in the unhurried and pacifying Diablo V / Lanternsong final ballad of the album, weaving lace from medieval minstrel sagas, bardic tales and other epic musical motifs.