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December 07, 2021
Lord Vigo - Six Must Die

Entering with symphonic reflections, the Elizabeth Dane instrumental composition creates a mesmerizing atmosphere of the introduction of the Lord Vigo - Six Must Die concept album, which continues with the rolling waves of rhythmic drive of the Doom Shall Rise song.
Pushing on with insistence and freedom, the I Am The Prophecy composition then brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, transforming again and again in the unity of music and vocals. The insistent and unyielding sound of the Thul Rar battle march draws you into the atmosphere of fights and battles.
After intriguing preparation, the Thal Mun Rar song takes the vocal experience to the crest of musical waves, enchanting with the epic sound of instrumental passages of guitar solo instrumental fragments. The Evil In Disguise composition partly continues the motifs of the previous one, but supplements them with mystical charm of epic musical calls, introducing the combination of the battle march and solemn hymn of the procession of the squad of legendary heroes.
The Six Must Die album's title track serves as its longest and most varied musical creation, acting as the main embodiment of its meaning, ideas, and implications. The 21 April 1880 composition completes the album with romantic sadness.