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This company captivates in its celebration with musical fun

September 05, 2022
Overdose Brain - Overdose Brain

Going to the practice of the holiday, the Intro reveals the features of the upcoming entertainment and unrestrained fun, soaring in the frantic whirlwind of the furious drive of the irrepressible fun of the title track of the Overdose Brain - Overdose Brain album, rolling waves of frantic drive and unstoppable vocal rage, embodying the main motif in guitar riffs that come to the forefront of the musical image in instrumental bridges.
Strenuously, furiously and irrepressibly, the Usado em Sacrificio musical triller arranges a frantic race along the chosen path, competing in the swiftness between music and vocals. The intriguing Destruicao em Massa intro's guitar solo recedes before the unrestrained drive of guitar riffs and a flash of vocals rage.
The guitar solo energetically and unrestrained howls a whirlwind of musical drive, then crowned with a vocal narrative, after which the guitar solo of the instrumental part of the Pacto com o Cao composition brings to the album epic notes of bright fairy tales, embodied in a more developed manner of introduction of the 666 bard fairy tale, ending with an explosion of frantic drive and musical fury of so furious musical thriller.
Musical passages weave the furious lace of the Caes Sarnentos musical composition, raising vocal anger to the top of the musical stream, after which the drum roll of the introduction painstakingly, attentively and carefully prepares for the explosion of musical frenzy of the Coracao Negro final composition of the album.