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This colors has faded away

September 19, 2020
Галифакс - Краски Стерты

Inspirational drive wraps around the Приход Ночи vocal narration in sparkling passages of musical melody, drawing the listener into the epic expanses of the heroic saga, marching in a mid-tempo march in a verse and raising the banners of swift melody in instrumental bridges. The Троя continues the Галифакс - Краски Стерты album with a fascinating tale that recalls the heroes' exploits and walks with a solemn gait about past battles, wars and historical legends.
Accelerating the tempo in verse the Исчезнувший song brings the vocal narration to the forefront of the musical image, sometimes transforming into valiant passages of a combat march, but again accelerating in an enchanting whirlwind of guitar solo. The title track Краски Стёрты begins with the melodiousness of a guitar solo, then weaves the music and vocals into an enchanting dance of an epic ballad. The Герой continues the mood of the heroic saga, marching in a procession of mid-tempo battle march.
Setting the mood of a mesmerizing fairy tale Наваждение varies the tempo within the mid-tempo melodic anthem. the Дорога К Звёздам continues the musical narration with the enchanting melody of a guitar solo. The soft charm of the majestic musical triumph of the Мечтатель melodic ballad captivates the listener with its melodiousness. The dense severity of the Знай! battle march puts an end to the album, combining music and vocals in a single musical stream.