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This battle will last forever

March 23, 2023
Beast In Black - Dark Connection

A bright and energetic drive of the Blade Runner song begins the musical story of the Beast In Black - Dark Connection album, as if transferring to the atmosphere of the 80s and old video games and then interests, bringing echoes of disco music in the twilight sound of the Bella Donna composition and futuristic shades in the sound of the Highway to Mars musical story.
The rhythmic procession of the Hardcore march is crowned with vocal phrases, raising readiness for any trials. Again, the atmosphere of the 80s raises the sparkling sound of disco in the sound of the One Night in Tokyo song, continuing this style on the verge of a romantic ballad in the sound of the Moonlight Rendezvous composition.
After the dialogue of the creator with the robot, the futuristic drive raises the banners of the Revengeance Machine song, returning to the average tempo in the instrumental bridges, enveloping the atmosphere of the coming mysteries in the rhythmic procession of the Dark New World march, as if preparing for the diverse sound of the To the Last Drop of Blood composition, weaving their lace from stylistic and genre musical threads.
The bright guitar solo of the introduction ends with the enchanting tunes of the singing lady, then developing the vocal part of the Broken Survivors musical story. Beginning with a melodic charm with the influence of oriental motifs, the My Dystopia musical saga fascinates with the artistry of a musical fairy tale, completing the main part of the album, which is then supplemented by a bonus in the form of rethinking the work of musical legends in the Battle Hymn (Manowar cover) solemn sound and convincing of readiness for any trials in the They Don't Care About Us (Michael Jackson cover) composition.